There are many wonderful aspects of pregnancy and birth that can transform a woman as she becomes a mother!  We also know that you may have some fear surrounding the process of birth and we strive to help you identify and alleviate these fears or apprehensions. 

Our culture shows birth as women having traumatic experiences with unmanageable pain and standardized interventions.  We don’t often see strong and capable women in labor using skills and techniques to manage pain.

These depictions (as well as tales from other mothers) can create fear in pregnant women

Having information about pregnancy, labor and birth greatly reduces women’s fear which leads to decreased interventions and risks to the mother and baby as well as a greater sense of satisfaction with their birth experiences!

Sophia St. John, MA, CBE, APE

Meet the teachers!

Our Philosophy

Sophia grew up with a love for all things birth and baby!  She was surrounded by women-especially her mother-who felt empowered by their births and supported other women as doulas.

Sophia deeply believes in the sanctity and power of the birthing experience as well as the birth of a new mother.  She realizes the importance of supporting the woman and her family during this transition as they prepare for their new arrival.  This support begins in the understanding of the pregnancy and birth process as well as learning about choices and making informed decisions that are right for their family.

Her perspective and values about birth led her to become a certified childbirth educator.  She loves what she does!  She advises, guides and supports women fully and without judgement.  Sophia feels privileged to teach childbirth education and is invested in her students.

Sophia also has experience as a birth and postpartum doula and loves supporting women throughout this life changing event.

Additionally, Sophia is certified as an Attachment Parenting Educator and has a Master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis on maternal mental health.

Simone Hunt

Simone is the mother of three boys: ages 3 years old, 2 years old and 1 month old.  She had unmedicated child births. "With each of my boys’ births I gained a greater understanding of my wants, needs, fears and goals in that birth.  Birth for me has been an ever-evolving experience”.

She understands first-hand the magical time of being pregnant and the excitement as well as the fear that may come with welcoming a baby earth side.

"I believe in women’s innate ability to birth their babies in the way that works best for them. Education and support of the mother in her birthing choices are parallel in achieving the birth and pregnancy she chooses and deserves.  Here at New Moon Birth Elements we work to give her the tools to achieve that birth".

She practices full-term and on-demand nursing, co-sleeping and attachment parenting. "I am excited to share what I have learned through trial and tribulation regarding: Breastfeeding, child birth and parenting choices with our clients".

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